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So…I used to hike a lot when I was younger.  Probably the worst hike to date was getting trapped up on a ridge just below Flat Top Mountain in Colorado in a freak spring ice storm.  That is until yesterday.  Yesterday was the stuff of nightmares. Let’s set the stage.  It’s the Greenbelt Trail that I usually do on Sundays.  However, lets look at what has transpired about 7 to 10 days… Read More

Nothing like hiking 13+ miles only to come up 0.80 miles short of 100! Grrrrrr! So despite the temperature being 94 degrees (but “feeling” like 104) I was bound and determine to put some miles in today. I probably ended up setting one of my best times today. I’ve decided my weekday hikes will be about improving my stamina and endurance. I don’t want to run trails or do “ultra-hikes”; but if… Read More

Everything I have read about the Ray Roberts Greenbelt trail mentions an overlook.  I’ve seen the overlook from the bottom; but the question that I never could find an answer to is “exactly how do you get to the overlook”?  It seemed like it’s some well-kept secret.  Well, for better or for worse, I’m about to expose the truth! There is an overlook…and I have found how to get to it…but I’m… Read More

Luckily I have friends in real life who actually read this and drop me tidbits about hidden gems. This is one of those. My thanks go out to my Work Husband – JP who turned me onto this area! Who knew that just north of Dallas, is nearly 1500 acres of remaining green! This is all part of Lake Ray Roberts State Park, but man was it worth checking out! First…let’s talk… Read More

So yeah…about Saturday being my day to do long hikes…that’s change. We’re now moving those to Sunday for a number of reasons: 1. On Sunday, everyone is at church. Less traffic on the trail! 2. Nature is my “church” so it makes total sense for me to be outside. 3. NCAA College football is on Saturdays…this is important. I could care a less about the NFL; but I’ll be damned if I’m… Read More

When I can’t think of a title I resort to dates.  I know.  It’s lame. I guess I owe a bit of a catch up. Currently I’m up to 66 miles total since starting this in June.  My feet hurt, my body hurts….but on the plus side…I’ve got one hell of a tan working at the moment.  Stop.  I don’t even want to hear about how this is going to cause me… Read More

I had two goals today as I set out for my “long” hike. One was to hit my 50 mile mark.  The other was to hike a full 10 miles. We hit the 50 mile mark; although I will admit, I only had 2 miles left to hit that goal. Unfortunately I missed 10 miles by .20 miles. I walked 9.8 miles. Really? 9.8?  I even worked in a loop on the… Read More

Yesterday was the 4th of July.  Day two of my 4 day weekend.  You’d think I would have felt rested and ready to party! Wrong. Seems yesterday I woke up at 6AM.  Couldn’t get back to sleep and it was an off day.  No hike since I walked on Thursday and turned in a 7.2 miler.  So I sat with a puppy.  Have I shown you a picture of my pup?  No? … Read More

When I started this about a month ago, I set a very simple goal for myself.  Reach 50 miles.  That’s it.  That’s all I had to do.  I didn’t say “walk every day” or “walk every other day” or put myself on some regimented schedule.  I simply needed to hike 50 miles. As of today, I’m little under 2 miles from my goal. So…how do I feel? Well, I find I’m starting… Read More

I’m running out of imaginative titles…anyway. Yesterday I hiked at 4:30PM. Who’s freakin’ idea is this? Oh yeah..mine. Yay me. Yesterday it was 96F with 40% humidity. Luckily I had breezes off of Lake Lewisville…but it still didn’t help. Toward the end, I really wanted to curl up in the brush and die. I tried out new gear. After a trip to Academy where I dropped about $300, I came home with… Read More