July 2, 2014

I’m running out of imaginative titles…anyway.

Yesterday I hiked at 4:30PM. Who’s freakin’ idea is this? Oh yeah..mine. Yay me.

Yesterday it was 96F with 40% humidity. Luckily I had breezes off of Lake Lewisville…but it still didn’t help. Toward the end, I really wanted to curl up in the brush and die.

I tried out new gear. After a trip to Academy where I dropped about $300, I came home with new compression shorts, new loose summer short sleeve shirts (all BCG; Academy brand), a couple of Magellan shorts, a light weight pair of hiking socks, a Columbia “Omni Freeze Zero” shirt, and a new 3L hydration pack (also BCG).

The socks, Thorlos, rocked it. While I haven’t gotten blisters, I do have some blister/callus type build up on my little toes and my feet just feel like crap after a hike. These socks seemed to help…even in this extreme heat. I had also picked up some Body Glide at Academy….

Body Glide….sounds like “personal lubricant” to me for those nights you want to make sexies with your mate…but that’s really what it is…except it’s purpose is to put it on your feet to help protect against blisters. Runners use it and I figured it should work for hiking as well. Hopefully a combination of the two is what did the trick.

Now…let’s move on to that $40.00 Columbia “Omni Freeze Zero” shirt. I didn’t get the sales spiel from the girl at Academy…but supposedly it’s supposed to turn cold when you sweat.

Maybe I’m not sweating?

My back was “cold”, but I couldn’t tell if that was the shirt or the cold water in my hydration pack. The rest of me, upper arms, chest, stomach felt as hot as ever.

Guess I’ll need to do some research…maybe I need to wet the shirt? I’ll report back when I find out. But for now….keep your $40.00. Or spend it and by 2 or 3 BCG shirts for the same price.

It was so hot yesterday, there wasn’t much to report from the trail. I think I saw one bunny. That was it It was so hot even the snakes and rabbits pretty much said “screw this”. I didn’t see many people out either. Maybe I’m the crazy one being out at that time of day.

I need to remember to start taking the binoculars with me…I’ve come across a lot of interesting birds…none that I’ve seen well enough to even try and begin to guess what they are.

Anyway…here’s the tape. I’ve broke 40 miles with this one! Another 10 and I hit my 50 and I have to figure out my next goal…

Miles: 3.21

Time: 58:52

Min/MI: 18:21

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