Working out is hard to do….

When last we met, I announced I had signed up for the Dallas Tough Mudder Half.  5 miles, 13 obstacles.   I have a crew who has decided to jump on this Crazy Train and we’re all supporting each other the best we can.

In between trying to run every day, and Orange Theory once a week, I’m also following the Tough Mudder workout.  If you’re so inclined, go to the link below, fill it out and download the training guide.  Heck…you could join me on this quest.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?

I’m on Week 3 and it’s been just pure crap.

On Monday, my Mudder workout was supposed to be 4 rounds of:

  • 20x Squat Jumps
  • 15x Push Ups
  • Run 100m

Remember…this is Texas and it’s currently so hot the Devil has asked us to turn on the air conditioning….so I did my run via the treadmill.  Once the workout was done, I then completed my daily run on the treadmill.  That run is typically running at 5mph for 2 minutes and then walking 3.5mph for 3 minutes all on a 2.0 incline.

It sucked!  I was winded and didn’t feel good.  The not feeling good may have come from the heat exhaustion I suffered on Sunday working out in the yard.   Either way, I felt like a bag of rocks.

Yesterday I made my way to my favorite podiatrist about a nagging foot problem.  Diagnosis was a pinched nerve.  She froze my foot and gave me a cortisone shot.  In my foot.  Damn that hurts.  Its like someone taking an ice pick and jabbing it into your foot.  That shot felt exactly like that.  Now my foot is all achy and to add insult to injury she attached some funky piece of padding to my orthotic that I have to wear.  It’s supposed to add a bit of a bend in my foot to help take the pressure off the pinched nerve.   Let me tell you, none of this is feeling good.  So no workout.  However, the chicken wings and beer did console my foot pain.

Now we’re on today.   Not to get off schedule I was bound and determine to do something.  So I eased off on my workout.  I only did a mile and adjusted my speed to 3.0mph on walking and 4.0mph on running.  I only did half of my running blocks.  Today’s Mudder workout was 12 minutes of as many rounds of:

  • 10x Jumping Jacks
  • 10x Push Ups
  • 10x Jump Lunges

The Jump Lunges weren’t happening so I did lunges.  Those almost didn’t happen either…the foot held up until I asked for the lunge on that leg and then it cussed me out.

I finished off the workout doing Table Pull Ups.  I have no strength in my arms or back to do pull ups and it’s something I want to get to by the end of August.  So I’m starting by laying under my dining room table, stretching out, grabbing the edge and either just “hanging” for time or pulling myself up.  I think I could hang for just about 20 seconds and get in about 3 reps of pulling myself up.  Oh yeah, have I got work to do!

Anyway…onwards and upwards  I know this post has nothing to do with Hiking but thought y’all might be interested in the workout I’m doing.

Wanna join me?  Even if you’re not doing a Mudder, you could still do the workout.  Not up to running?  No worries…walking is just as good.  As long as you’re doing something you’re ahead of everyone who’s still on the couch!  Till next time!


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