Almost to 50 Miles

When I started this about a month ago, I set a very simple goal for myself.  Reach 50 miles.  That’s it.  That’s all I had to do.  I didn’t say “walk every day” or “walk every other day” or put myself on some regimented schedule.  I simply needed to hike 50 miles.

As of today, I’m little under 2 miles from my goal.

So…how do I feel?

Well, I find I’m starting to eat better.  I’m not eating as much.  It could be the heat of this Texas summer.  I’m down to one (1) Diet Dr. Pepper a week.  A WEEK!  This from the woman who would down a six pack a day!

I’ve enjoyed doing this and my hope is to keep it going.  Eventually, I’ll get in a weekend hike…maybe…I got a long way to go!

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