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Monthly Archives: August 2014

I’ll be the first to admit.  I’m lazy.  All my backpacking gear is from the 1990s and who knows where all of it has ended up.  Okay…I know where some of it is…it’s in the garage…but back in the 1990s terms like “ultra-light” weren’t even part of the hiking lexicon.  If it was, it was all about sawing off the handle of your toothbrush to save 1oz. So off I went for… Read More

For the past two weeks I’ve been running stairs at my office at least twice a week.  Today, all that hard work and sweat paid off! I decided to hike the Elm Fork Trail up at Lake Ray Roberts.  For those of you just now joining us, I did a bit of this trail about two weeks ago and paid dearly for it with some of the most horrendous blisters on my… Read More

About a week and a half ago I posted on Facebook that a transformation was about to take place.  I offered no other explanation other than each day since then I have been posting on Facebook what my workout routine is for each day. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what’s going on, what am I training for.  This post will hopefully answer those and other questions. Since about November of… Read More

So if any of you have been following along at home, you know I’ve suddenly entered into the Gladiator of Blister Death Ring and have been having major battles with my feets. Funny that none of this started happening until now. So I decided to take stock and headed over to my neighborhood REI.  Now…I wish this REI was really in my neighborhood…but alas it’s like miles away from where I live… Read More

So Sunday ended up being a very rough hike.  I ended up with three major blisters.  Here…let me show you….you’ve been warned.    So yeah….that’s the one on the right foot.  I had a matching one on the left foot that apparently “popped” while I was still hobbling.  So needless to say the first part of this week was dedicated to foot care.  I’ve learned more about blisters in the last 4… Read More

Don’t get me wrong..I LOVE our national parks.  I’m just not fortunate enough to live in a location where I’m an hour or two away sadly. http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/top-10/city-escapes-national-parks/ So my question to you…where do you go to escape if you can’t get to a national park?  Where do you go to “escape the concrete”?    

Pretty cool to see the process of what it takes to bring a state park to life!   Palo Pinto Mountains State Park

After last weeks disaster with the mosquitoes, I decided it was time for a change of scenery. So far I’ve done this Greenbelt trail from FM 380 to FM 428. I decided today would be a good day to start at FM 428 and hike up to FM 455. You start out at the Greenbelt Park 428 Access. You’ll walk up and over a red iron bridge taking you to the west… Read More