Yay! Saturday! Another long hike…oh….wait

So yeah…about Saturday being my day to do long hikes…that’s change. We’re now moving those to Sunday for a number of reasons:

1. On Sunday, everyone is at church. Less traffic on the trail!

2. Nature is my “church” so it makes total sense for me to be outside.

3. NCAA College football is on Saturdays…this is important. I could care a less about the NFL; but I’ll be damned if I’m going to be away from a TV for any length of time when football season begins!

4. My partner finishes up her master degree in two weeks. You know what that means? My days of not working on projects comes to an end. She will become the “task master” again and my Saturday’s will be filled with projects. This is bad…she’s even got a project management tool that she’s been using to list out projects and the tasks associated with those projects. As you can see, the “honey do list” isn’t just an abomination heaped upon guys…it happens in every relationship!

5. Last, but certainly not least, Sunday’s was my slack day anyway…so what better way to spend it than to lay down a 10 mile hike, come home, and sleep the rest of the day!

So…since this is Saturday I’ll be running errands….however stay tuned for tomorrow’s post! I’ll be checking out a new hiking spot and will post a review and pics here.

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