A Walk in the Woods

Monthly Archives: August 2017

I’ve heard that folks who race always have a very set routine on race day.  They leave nothing to chance and try to do everything the same way every time in order to not forget anything, leave anything to chance, and free their minds to run their best run. While I don’t run races I find on the days I do run, there does seem to be a sort of “disorder” to… Read More

I’ve been following the Tough Mudder workout for 4 weeks now.  This week begins week 5 and they are starting to kick it up.  Here’s what I did this morning: Do as many rounds in 12 minutes: 10 push ups 20 burpees (I fuckin’ hate burpees) 20 mountain climbers That was this morning. It being Tuesday, this afternoon was Orange Theory.  Today at Orange Theory they tried to rip my already sore… Read More

I knew it would happen.  I just didn’t know when.  You’re working out, hitting your stride and you think “Hey!  This ain’t too bad!” and then suddenly it happens. A wall jumps out in front of you and you crash right into it. I don’t want to run, I don’t want to work out.  I’m tired of planning my meals.  I’m tired of planning my workouts.  I’m just plain tired. That happen… Read More