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Monthly Archives: July 2017

When last we met, I announced I had signed up for the Dallas Tough Mudder Half.  5 miles, 13 obstacles.   I have a crew who has decided to jump on this Crazy Train and we’re all supporting each other the best we can. In between trying to run every day, and Orange Theory once a week, I’m also following the Tough Mudder workout.  If you’re so inclined, go to the link… Read More

It has been a year since I’ve written for this blog; because I suck.  Okay, maybe I don’t “suck suck” but I suck. So, let’s recap, shall we? 2014 – Started hiking again to get healthy. 2015 – Mom passed away. 2015 – Married my wife. 2015 – Diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. 2015 – Beat Cervical Cancer thanks to two back to back hysterectomies. 2016 – Backpack the South Rim of Big… Read More