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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Decided that I would check out my second, hiking area….The Tribute Shoreline Nature Trail! This is a newer trail. Just opened earlier this year. It’s about a 3 mile hike….but I turned it into 7.25 miles by doing some of the loops twice. Remember, if you hike the other direction you get a totally different perspective! The day was perfect for hiking. 77F and windy. Humidity was at 85%, but the winds… Read More

I don’t care where you are or what you are doing; find time to do something…. Walk? Sure Hike? Find a trail…there’s one close by Run? Okay…well….that’s just crazy talk right there, but to each his own! I’m in San Francisco today on business. I took a cab to the restaurant but figured screw it…I’m walking back to the hotel. Release the Kracken! (aka Release the Runkeeper!) So…here’s the tale of the… Read More

How many of you hike, walk, run, and you have your ear buds in? Off in your own world. Maybe the music helps motivate you to push farther. Or maybe, you use the music to drown out the outside world; maybe even drowning out your own thoughts. When I started hiking a few weeks ago, the thought of wiring myself into my earbuds raised up into my consciousness. I know when I… Read More

If you’ve been following this blog in any shape or form, you know that last Saturday, June 14, I hike a little over 7 miles.  There wasn’t much downtime after that hike that day since I had to come home, shower, go grocery shopping, and fix dinner for 4!  As an aside, when I cook, I COOK!  We had Grilled Pear and Walnut Salad with Honey Goat Cheese and Fettuccine Alfredo….both the… Read More

Today I decided to check out the Nature Trail of Stewart Peninsula.   I parked in the same place that you would park for Shoreline Trail off of North Colony.  I then walked a little way up the road, crossed over where one residential road dead ends into North Colony, crossed the road and then headed to Stewart Park proper. I first stopped by the pay station.  The woman was working on her… Read More

What is life if you don’t set goals? My first goal is to reach a total of 50 miles hiking before I turn 50.  If you’ve been following along, you’ll see that I’ve already logged a total of 17 miles.  Can I reach 50 before 50; I have no doubt. So what happens when I hit 50 miles and still have months to go?  Why I figure out my next goal!  The… Read More

When I first stepped foot on the Shoreline Trail a week ago, my goal was to be able to do a complete round trip. That’s 7.0 miles total. Yesterday, I accomplished that goal! I set out for my Saturday hike on the trail and was at mile 3.0 when I realized I only had .5 mile to get to the other end. Since I have hiked this trail from both ends, I… Read More

Did another hike. Same trail, just started from the other end. I’ll switch back and forth just to get different perspective but honestly….out there it doesn’t matter since the views either way are great! It just feels good to get away, walking on the trail. I lost track of time and miles tonight. I meant to only do another 2.5 mile hike. 1.25 in and back. However, the next thing I know… Read More

Today is what I would call a “training day”. Basically I only do 2 miles…maybe just a little more if I feel like it.  I laid off yesterday to give my shocked body time to recuperate.  This time I started the Shoreline Trail from the Stewart Peninsula side.  I was pleased to find the hike starts off in a cedar grove and them immediately opens to Lake Lewisville.   Of course, I… Read More

I’d like to turn your attention to a very disagreeable condition called “chafing”. At least that’s what the internet tells me it is. The internet also tells me it’s called “Monkey Butt”. I kid you not. It’s a common problem for hikers, bikers, tri athletes and the like. What ever it is and what ever it’s called, I don’t like it. Effectively yesterday while hiking my thighs rubbed together to the point… Read More