A Walk in the Woods


And just like that, yesterday I broke 200 miles.  Whew!  I feel like I’m just getting started! To catch everyone up….last week I fell at Walmart.  You can stop laughing now.  No really….stop laughing. I hammered my right knee. Not a good thing when you have a pretty good training schedule set up.  So given my knee was hurting what do I do?  You bet…I went right out, put my 25lb pack… Read More

Did another hike. Same trail, just started from the other end. I’ll switch back and forth just to get different perspective but honestly….out there it doesn’t matter since the views either way are great! It just feels good to get away, walking on the trail. I lost track of time and miles tonight. I meant to only do another 2.5 mile hike. 1.25 in and back. However, the next thing I know… Read More

Today is what I would call a “training day”. Basically I only do 2 miles…maybe just a little more if I feel like it.  I laid off yesterday to give my shocked body time to recuperate.  This time I started the Shoreline Trail from the Stewart Peninsula side.  I was pleased to find the hike starts off in a cedar grove and them immediately opens to Lake Lewisville.   Of course, I… Read More