Walk, Hike, Run….

I don’t care where you are or what you are doing; find time to do something….

Walk? Sure

Hike? Find a trail…there’s one close by

Run? Okay…well….that’s just crazy talk right there, but to each his own!

I’m in San Francisco today on business. I took a cab to the restaurant but figured screw it…I’m walking back to the hotel.

Release the Kracken! (aka Release the Runkeeper!)

So…here’s the tale of the tape. Keep in mind I classified this as a “walk” and not a “hike”.

Milers: 1.46

Duration: 29:22

Pace per Mi: 20:05

I’ll take it…it’s better than nothing and that’s what I was facing with three days on the road…. Yes…there is a work out facility…and yes…I’m sure they have treadmills…but really….it’s a treadmill. I might as well be a gerbil for all that matters. I’ll resort to a treadmill if the weather is bad….as in cold, wet, etc. but I can tell…I prefer the “real thing”!

Happy walking/hiking/running!

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