Training Day

Today is what I would call a “training day”.

Basically I only do 2 miles…maybe just a little more if I feel like it.  I laid off yesterday to give my shocked body time to recuperate.  This time I started the Shoreline Trail from the Stewart Peninsula side.  I was pleased to find the hike starts off in a cedar grove and them immediately opens to Lake Lewisville.   Of course, I did get to see how the other half lives in The Colony as the start of this side of the trail is right along a number of homes who call Lake Lewisvill their back yard.  I suspect the lake used to be closer, much closer than it is now given the drought conditions that we’ve been having for the past several years!

Here are the stats for the day:

Miles: 2.58

Duration: 49:23

Pace per Mile: 19:11

Calories: 341

Elevation: 410ft (not sure how much this is to be trusted since this was an “out and back” type hike)

Chafing report…I’ve been wearing the men’s compression briefs for the last several days, including today.  I did apply baby powder before I headed out and I was wearing the compression briefs.  After I got home and a quick shower, I can say I can now wear shorts without having to resort to the briefs and I’m not walking like I’m bowlegged.  I wouldn’t call this a success exactly…I’ve simply found a possible way to keep myself comfortable in the mean time.

The problem I did have this time, and how do I put this….was with <whispers> hemorrhoids.  I’m telling you, the last thing you ever want to do is try to hike when that bit of business is going on.  We might as well have taken a blow torch to my ass!  Anyway…note to self…if I even think that’s going to be an issue, take care of it before going out on the trail.  It’ll make for a much better hike.  Which leads me to question what do folks who hike the AT (Appellation Trail), the PCT (Pacific Coast Trial), or the CD (Continental Divide) do when this issue comes up?  I mean I’ve read plenty of books and stories about folks who have done these “massive” hikes and now that I come to think of it, I don’t remember any of them mentioning this problem or how they solved it.  Did they think about it before they left so they were prepared or did they have to suffer through days and days of agony.  Inquiring minds want to know!

Anyway…so today is in the bag.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to try again for another 2 mile training day tomorrow.  I’ve got house work and stuff that needs to be done sooner rather than later and giving my body a day to recoop in between probably isn’t a bad idea.  Wouldn’t want to over do it!

Oh..and before forget here’s the wild life count (this is VERY important):

2 Bunnies (we love BunBuns)

Several Ducks

A Heron (white)

Turtles (probably 3 or 4)

and the usual cast of birds.

Not bad for a day where it rained most of the day.  Again, the wind coming off the lake was nice.  I hope it’s like that all the time.  If not these reports will start detailing my hikes through Death Valley when we get to 100+ degree days here in North Texas!

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