Wednesday, June 12, 2014

Did another hike. Same trail, just started from the other end. I’ll switch back and forth just to get different perspective but honestly….out there it doesn’t matter since the views either way are great! It just feels good to get away, walking on the trail. I lost track of time and miles tonight. I meant to only do another 2.5 mile hike. 1.25 in and back. However, the next thing I know I was at the 1.5 mile mark and realized I was going to put in 3 miles today. I’m not complaining although my feet are!

The chaffing issue still continues. Baby powder and compression shorts help, but now the shorts are starting to rub me around the circumference of my thighs. I mean really…what the hell?

My feet hurt but luckily no blisters. It’s more of a muscular ache in my feet which I assume will go away with time as I build up the muscle in my feet and calves. I owe the fact that I have no blisters to the fact that while I’ve had my hiking boots for a year (they’re Merrell….love Merrell!), I think they’ve only seen two trails that entire time. Otherwise I’ve simply worn them out and about or used them when I worked in the yard….I know…such a waste of such a good hiking boot…but that has thankfully led to no blisters since they are worn in without being worn out!

Anyway…here’s the stats for today:

Miles: 3.04 mi

Duration: 58:14

Pace per MI: 19:10

Calories: 404

Elevation: 562ft

I’m using RunKeeper for my stats. I always laugh when I see the elevation. This is Texas and there doesn’t ever really seem to be any real elevation. I wonder if that’s what it thinks I achieved in elevation or that’s the general elevation of the hiking trail. Guess I’ll have to dig into the help files on that one; but if anyone knows, feel free to leave the definition in the comments!

I had to go to the doctor today for refills…seems I’m at 202lbs and not the 200 I thought. Oh goody. At least I know where I’m starting.

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