A Walk in the Woods


Today I decided to check out the Nature Trail of Stewart Peninsula.   I parked in the same place that you would park for Shoreline Trail off of North Colony.  I then walked a little way up the road, crossed over where one residential road dead ends into North Colony, crossed the road and then headed to Stewart Park proper. I first stopped by the pay station.  The woman was working on her… Read More

Forgive me, but this’ll be a combo post….meaning you have to suffer through my confessions and my data to finally get to something that I hope resembles a trail review. First up, confessions. I’m a white female, 49 years old, 200+ lbs (probably 210lb), and a 40ish waste.  I didn’t always used to be at this weight.  At one point I was running 2 miles every other day, lifting weights, and weighing… Read More