203 Miles and counting….

And just like that, yesterday I broke 200 miles.  Whew!  I feel like I’m just getting started!

To catch everyone up….last week I fell at Walmart.  You can stop laughing now.  No really….stop laughing.

I hammered my right knee. Not a good thing when you have a pretty good training schedule set up.  So given my knee was hurting what do I do?  You bet…I went right out, put my 25lb pack on and hiked 3.25 miles.  That’s what we all do right?

Thursday, I took the day off….that means I walked / ran for about half to 3/4 of a mile then used the circuit equipment at a park near the house.  Came home and iced the knee.  I then started putting Tiger Balm before bedtime.

I love Tiger Balm.  If you haven’t used it, go get some…right now…I’ll wait.  I love the smell, I love the heat, it’s my go to for muscle aches.  It’s sort like BenGay on steroids.  Do they even make BenGay anymore? I’m dating myself.  Icy Hot…it’s like Icy Hot.

Anyway…Friday was an off day (for real) and I went and got a brace for the knee.  It kept feeling like it wanted to pop.  I also put in a call to my neighborhood acupuncturist who typically fixes me…but alas, she’s on vacation.  I don’t remember her asking me if she could go on vacation, but I digress.

So Saturday I ran/walk, circuited again.  Sunday….well…a 25lb pack, 13 miles and climbing up an overlook at 350ft to test the knee.  I made it back alive and I’m still walking.

It still feels the need to be popped…and every chance I get I slowly can get a few pops here and there.

Today I hit the stairs with the pack…knee felt good and I kept the brace off it while I did the stairs.  I think as long as I listen to my body I’ll be okay.  Until my body starts cussing me…then we’ll have an argument.

I feel really good…it’s been 3 months since I stared all of this.  Friday will be the test as I’ll be having complete blood workup to see what my numbers are at.  To give my body the best chance of success I am not drinking any alcohol this week.

Yes…I know…shocking isn’t it?

I’ll report back when I get the numbers.  Otherwise, I’m gonna keep on hiking!

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