Trail Review: Shoreline Trail, The Colony, TX: June 7, 2014

Forgive me, but this’ll be a combo post….meaning you have to suffer through my confessions and my data to finally get to something that I hope resembles a trail review.

First up, confessions.

I’m a white female, 49 years old, 200+ lbs (probably 210lb), and a 40ish waste.  I didn’t always used to be at this weight.  At one point I was running 2 miles every other day, lifting weights, and weighing in at an easy 120lbs….my fighting weight.  Then life happened.  I settled down, started realizing that I liked good food and drink more than I liked running.  As the excuses not to exercise began to increase so did my weight.  It’s not that I’m unhappy with where I am; it’s that I know I have it in me to do better.  I just have to “make” that decision…and that’s what today was about.

Second, data.

Yes…I will share my data.  How I feel before the hike, how much and what I carried with me, how much water I drank, weather, distance, etc.  So here goes….

In the pack:

I have a hip pack that I love for these easy hikes.  I picked it up 20 years ago at some store in Truckee, CA and it still serves me well!  It great for day hikes or just a run around hip bag.  Yes…I know you’ll call it a fanny pack, but it’s oh so much more.


So…what went i the pack on this trip.

Bandana                              32g

Duct Tape                           40g (because…duct tape!)

Hand Sanitizer                   75g

Emergency Blanket           53g

Compass                              23g

iPhone                                  162g

Inhaler                                 23g  (yes…I’m asthmatic)

Medical Kit                         154g

Book: Scats & Tracks       150g (don’t judge…it brings me pleasure…)

Water                                   1.076kg (2 16.9oz ounces of water….essentially 2 bottles of water)

Camera                                136g

Hip Pack                             105g

Chapstick                            7g  (apparently you do count everything!)

Moleskin Notebook          134g

Pencil                                   4g

So…we have a total of 2.144kg, or 4.73lbs.  Could I have lived without some of the stuff above….sure.  But the pack didn’t feel like a burden so I think that’s a good start in the weight department.  Now for the times.

Miles:  4.31 miles

Duration: 1:27:25 Hours, minutes

Pace per Mile: 20:17

For someone who has not exercised all year, I’m pretty happy with this.  I felt good.  I probably was pushing it that last mile.  My left hand was swelling up and I probably had the beginnings of a little heat exhaustion.  I did take a couple of breaks to take pictures or sit a minute and drink water.  Its funny, I can hike 4 miles…no problem.  But running?  No.  I just need to make sure I get out there more often!


I moved to The Colony 5 years ago and admit that I don’t really get out and do much.  The city has gotten some great reviews, even being ranked most playful city at some point recently.  I couldn’t figure out how we got that designation.  I had heard the city had done a great job having these trails systems, but I hadn’t bothered to take the time and expend the effort.  Today, I did and I am glad.

The Shoreline trail is a great hike.  Nice wide easy path of crushed granite.  You pass through black prairie which runs through this small sliver of Texas from the Oklahoma border all the way down to San Antonio.  The city has tried to preserve this sliver of prairie since much of it has disappeared.  Lots of birds.  Next time I need to bring the binoculars and my iPad and do some serious birding out there!  The trial is shared by everyone…hikers, mountain/off road bikers, runners.  Everyone is friendly and right of ways are well respected.  You can bring you dog on the trail.  They have doggy stations at a couple of points on the trail if you need to pick up after your pup.  Plenty of trash cans and recycle stations as well.  And of course, there’s signs along the way to explain what your seeing in the area.


There is a wildlife area…I got a kick out of the sign saying not to pick the berries.


I thought “Yeah…sure…there’s probably one bush back there”; but around the bend I was hit with that sweet aroma of ripening blackberries and sure enough on either side of the trail there was nothing but bushes.


Apparently the native wildlife enjoy them (who wouldn’t).  I saw quite a few tracks in this area, including deer which really surprised me!  That’s cool if there is deer in the area.  I may have to do a late evening hike to see if I can get a glimpse of them!

Anyway…it was a really lovely hike.  I suspect it will become my go to “training” area.  I would prefer to walk / hike there vs. walking around my neighborhood.

Stay tuned…the adventure will continue!





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