Blisters….ain’t gonna slow me down…much!

So Sunday ended up being a very rough hike.  I ended up with three major blisters.  Here…let me show you….you’ve been warned.




 So yeah….that’s the one on the right foot.  I had a matching one on the left foot that apparently “popped” while I was still hobbling.  So needless to say the first part of this week was dedicated to foot care.  I’ve learned more about blisters in the last 4 days than I care to admit.

So..the current status is that the right foot, which had two major blisters…one being on the bottom on the ball of my foot, are healing nicely.  Twice a day, I wipe them down with alcohol and then tea tree oil.

Let’s talk about that left foot.  While the blister has drained, there’s still a lot of pain in that area.  I know and recognize this pain.  I’ve had enough injuries in my lifetime to know when a wound is infected.  This is infected.  Now luckily it’s not oozing anything “ugly”….but it’s red and hurts.  So I started a round of Cipro.  I did go ahead and hike last night, and tonight because it’s 101 degrees, no wind, and 45% humidity, I opted to do the treadmill.  I hate the treadmill….but it’s better than nothing.  It was after the treadmill that I finally had to admit things are not going well for that left foot.  I’m going to take two more days off and see how things progress now that I’m getting Cipro on board.

Not much else to report other than yesterday I figured out that I can now tell the difference between domestic dog poo and coyote poo.  I know you want to know more about this fascinating subject…however, I’ll leave that for another blog.  And don’t you worry…there will be pictures!

Yesterday’s Hike:

Miles: 3.20

Time: 01:06:57

Min/Mil: 20:54

Today’s Treadmill (aka Dreadmill)

Miles: 1.5

Elevation: 450ft+  (our treadmill does an incline, so I popped that bad boy up to 6)

Time: 32:00

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