You can turn it around!

So I’m three months into this “grand experiment” of mine and I have to say….I pushed another button today and got a well deserved pellet damn it!

I went back to the doctor today to get my blood test results.  Somewhere in the past week I dropped another two pounds so I’m now at 188.   However, here’s where the rubber meets the road:

Type                                                Feb. 2014                               Sept. 2014

Glucose                                           182mg/DL                              101mg/DL

HDL Cholesterol                            52 mg/DL                                50mg/DL

LDL Cholesterol                            157mg/DL                                140mg/DL

Total Cholesterol                          234mg/DL                                207mg/DL

Triglycerides                                  125mg/DL                                86mg/DL

Tell you what…for someone 6 months shy of 50 and who has treated her body more like a honkytonk than a temple; I’ll take it.  We’re going to watch the Cholesterol to make sure it doesn’t go any higher; but I don’t want to go on meds and I’m not about to give up bacon and red meat.  Although I have to admit, I haven’t had red meat in a while now.

We’ll do this again in December and continue to track.  But for now…I’ll continuing pushing the button and getting those pellets!

What do you need help with?  What challenge are you dreading and need some motivation?  Hell…what’s your pellet?

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