One Year Anniversary!

One year ago today I was determined to get back out and hike/walk my way back to full health.  I had no idea what the year ahead of me would hold; but looking back, I’m proud of my accomplishments!

Today I officially hit the 400 mile mark.  Actually 403 miles to be exact!  To put this in perspective….I essentially have walked from Dallas to Oklahoma City and back.  Granted I did the miles over a year; but it’s a start.

We’ve been under water here in North Texas as I mentioned in my previous post.  So today I headed south to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve over in Plano.  Absolutely loved it once I finally figured out how the hell to get off the cement and hit the trails.  Lots of other hikers out there training along with trail runners.

Its funny; all the trail runners have their ear buds in.  I don’t blame them.  Running is monotonous.  You really do need something to drive you.  However, when I hike, I don’t listen to music.  The only sound is the Runkeeper lady who annoyingly tells me every 5 minutes how much I’m sucking on my distance and pace.  She’s sort of a bitch…but she’s a necessary evil.

I prefer the sound of nature.  With enough practice you get “nature ears”.  I can hear a large lizard rustling through the leaves.  If I stop and stand still, eventually I’m rewarded by getting to see what made the noise.  It’s pretty amazing.

Anyway…glad to find a place I can hike that’s currently not under water.  Still jonesing for a multi-day hike.  I’ll figure that one out eventually.  My first choice is Long’s Peak in Colorado.  But the latest I’ve seen is it’s still under snow and I don’t have much experience with “winter” hiking (using crampons and ice axes).  Hopefully, they’ll warm up and I can shoot for something mid to late July.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

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